quick fix?

"getting to know God is time consuming. We live in the age of instant everything. We want a life-changing devotional in 15 minutes max. And why shouldn't God fit into the slot we've alloted him? After all, he's God, he knows how packed our schedule is! We open our bibles and get bored if nothing grips us after two paragraphs. We want everything abridged and dumbed down so we don't have to think to much or examine our lives too closely.

Those attitudes are unnacceptable if we want to display the glories of God... Given our small minds, our absolute dependance on revealed truth and the immensity of God, how can we think there's an easy path to knowing the God we worship? There are no shortcuts. Only a grace motivated, steadfast, lifelong pursuit of the God who created and redeemed us for His glory."
Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters