thinking biblically about facebook

"Like most other new things, Christians tend to either embrace Facebook uncritically, or retreat from it and condemn its use. Embracing technology uncritically—the “bear hug,” as I call it—means using a technology without thinking through its impact on yourself and others. The “cold shoulder”—ignoring/retreating from/condemning a technology—is often driven by misguided fears and shallow biblical interpretation. While the problems with embracing uncritically are more easily discerned, giving a technology like Facebook the cold shoulder also has its problems.

After an initial 30-day experiment with Facebook, I’m now several months into being a regular, almost daily, user. Along the way, I’ve detected many ways in which Facebook can hinder our pursuit of the great commandments, and many ways participation in it can be leveraged as a means of blessing..."

Justin Buzzard,
Redeeming social life online (read the full thing here)