Jesus vs Religion part 4 - its not about us

This is the fourth in a series on Jesus vs the Pharisees from Luke11:37-54 (read part 1, part 2, part 3)

Jesus compares the Pharisees to unmarked graves that people walk over without recognising it. At the time, graves were usually whitewashed so people could avoid them. If the people touched a grave, it would make them unclean and would interfere with their worship, preventing them from going to the temple etc.

A religious attitude will affect our worship because it becomes more dependant on us and what we've done rather than on what Jesus has done. We may feel like we're able to come into church and really "connect" because we think we've had a good week. Another time we might feel out of it because we've struggled that week. As we know, worhip is not just what happens at church but it involves everything in our lives being done for the glory of God, and we can often allow our own "performance" to affect that. The reality is that all of our worship is dependant on Jesus and what He has done. Regardless of whether we feel good or bad, worthy or unworthy, the only reason we can ever come before Him is because of what He did on the cross.

A religious attitude also contaminates others -introducing people to religion instead of Jesus - more on that later in this series.

Religion is all about me and what I've done. Christianity is all about Jesus and what He's done