worship starts with seeing God - shepherds

We can't manufacture worship - it's a natural response to seeing God. Do you turn up at church and find it hard to get into it? Do you wonder why you sometimes find it hard to get motivated to pray in the week? It's not that you just need to try harder, it's that you need to see more of God. We only get glimpses of God, and we need continual, regular, daily glimpses of Him to continue worshiping Him.We need to be asking Him to give us a glimpse of where He is at work, a glimpse of where He is in our families etc.

The Shepherds
(Luke 2:8-20) - v20 says that (after they had seen Jesus) they went away glorifying and praising God. It was a natural response to seeing Jesus. Before their encounter with the angels, the shepherds weren't particularly seeking God, they were at work. After seeing Him they go back to work, but their work is now transformed into worship because they have met Jesus. Are there areas of your life where you are not worshipping God? Work, school, home, with firends, with family? Where do you need to ask Him to come in and reveal Himself to you?