guide to life

 Tim Keller on Proverbs 3, a mini guide to life:

"1. Put your heart’s deepest trust in God and his grace.
2. Submit your whole mind to the Scripture.
3. Be humble and teachable toward others.
4. Be generous with all your possessions, and passionate about justice.
5. Accept and learn from difficulties and suffering.

The New Testament tells us that the personified ‘divine wisdom’ of the Old Testament is actually Jesus (Mt 11:19.) And I realized that a) he showed the ultimate trust and faithfulness to God and to us by going to the cross, b) he was saturated with and shaped by Scripture, c) he was meek and lowly in heart (Mt. 11:28-30), d) he, though rich, became poor for us, e) and he bore his suffering, for us, without complaint. We can only grow in these five areas if you know you are saved by costly grace."   

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