its not about you

"You think the Bible is about you...
The solution to this problem is to see that the Bible is about Jesus and not us.  The solution is to take our eyes off ourselves and begin to look at Jesus in the Bible.  Despite all that our hearts would have us believe, the Bible isn’t a book given to dole-out moral lessons, but a book given to us to teach us about Christ so that we can delight in him.  If you’ve found yourself treating the Bible as a moral ‘how to’ guide, your next move is to start reading it differently.  Let the Bible show you the glory and beauty of Jesus, and you will find that as you do, love for him  will bubble-up inside.  Believe it or not, you will see him held-out to you in even the obscure passages you’ve always avoided.  You will find that far from dutifully going to the Bible for handy hints for the day, you will gladly run to it so that Christ will conquer your heart afresh; so that you will take your gaze off yourself and obsess over him instead."

Daniel Hames, Three reasons why you don't read your bible (read the full thing here)