real change

"All the religious fervor in the world can’t bring real, organic change. The greatest commandment is to “love God with all of our hearts” (Matthew 22:37), and religious adherence to a to-do list can’t produce the first ounce of love in our hearts...

...The gospel changes us in an entirely different manner. Only the gospel can create a real love for God and people in us. By realizing how much God has loved us, we begin to delight in him. God’s love and beauty creates admiration and love in our hearts. His love for us begins to overflow in us toward others. What we do for others is no longer toward acceptance and satisfaction, but from it. We quit doing all of the “religious,” “moral,” or “loving” things we do because we “have to” to maintain our status as a good Christian, but because we want to—in response to Jesus and out of the overflow of his love in us! Love from him produces love for him and for others."

JD Greear, Why religious fervour can't bring real change (to read the full thing, click here)