everday gospel conversations

Having everyday gospel conversations, by Jeff Vanderstelt (I really recommend reading the full article here, for a full explanation of each of these points).
How to engage in everyday gospel conversations:
  1. Love Jesus: Our conversation about him will be genuine if we really love him. Besides, we all talk about the ones we love the most. The reason many of us don't talk about him is because our affections are not that strong for him.
  2. Remind Yourself of the Gospel: If you're affections for Jesus aren't strong, remember what he did for you...everyday...throughout the day.
  3. Experience Ongoing Gospel Transformation:
  4. Pray for Open Doors to Share the Gospel:
  5. Live a life that demands a Gospel explanation (1 Peter 2:11-12):
  6. Live as Gospel Metaphors:
  7. Be Prepared to Share (1 Peter 3:15): Do you know the Gospel Story? Can you share the Redemptive plan of God from Genesis to Revelation? Practice articulating it with other believers so you are ready to give an answer when people ask.
  8. Ask your friends who are observing your life Questions and LISTEN:
  9. Listen to the Holy Spirit:
  10. Pay attention to others Personal Worldview and the Culture's Worldview: