work is worship

"Work is Worship. Your work is to be done to the Lord. This means that while we are doing work we will be thinking of the Lord and doing our work mindful of him. Christianity creates no division of secular and sacred and every vocational domain has value. Every task we undertake, paid or not paid, is to be done to the Lord – your job, or if you are building something, cooking a meal, changing a diaper, sweeping the floor –  is all done to the Lord, for his pleasure and in his presence, giving thanks for his provision. Your work is sacred. Dorothy Sayers said it like this, “Let the Church remember this: that every maker and worker is called to serve God in his profession or trade—not outside it. The Apostles complained rightly when they said it was not meet they should leave the word of God and serve tables; their vocation was to preach the word. But the person whose vocation it is to prepare the meals beautifully might with equal justice protest: It is not meet for us to leave the service of our tables to preach the word.”"

JR Vasser, read the full thing here