how not to read the bible

How do you know if you're reading the bible in the wrong way?

"You think the things you read are especially applicable for people you know, but not for you.

You imagine yourself as the hero of the story, not the person or people who are unbelieving. You frequently ask in your heart, “How could these people be so unbelieving?” For instance, when you read the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert you might say, “How could those Israelites grumble about food and drink when they just saw God part the Red Sea?” But you are completely blind to how you grumble at work or home when you’re afraid of losing something.

You love the attention garnered from your knowledge of the Bible, but give little thought to how you have applied what you have read."

Dave Dorr, The wrong way to read the Bible (read the full thing here)