the gospel in the workplace

"To be a christian in your workplace means much more than just being honest or not sleeping with your coworkers. It means more than personal witnessing and holding a bible study at your place of work. Rather, it means thinking out the implications of the gospel and God's kingship for your entire work-life. 

[some possible implications and applications include:]
  • working with more job satisfaction, because our job is not an idol
  • exhibiting honesty and integrity in our work, and not cutting corners to benefit ourselves at the expense of other employees, customers or the community
  • listening, building community, being welcoming, being humble in our workplace
  • working with a commitment to delayed gratification, and showing self-control and discipline in our work. we will be looking to long-term benefits for all, not just short term benefits for ourselves
  • seeking jobs that promote the common good and are congruent with our gifts, not just to make money
  • displaying attitudes towards economic justice. We will not be assessing persons in pure economic terms or paying people as little as the market will bear. Our desire will be to promote the general welfare of workers, so they flourish not only professionally but personally
  • being honest in advertising and promotion. This is not only honesty in presenting ourselves, but seeking to cater to the best desires in customers, not the worst
  • Producing products that benefit people and communities. our desire will be to help the company's broader community and neighborhood flourish
  • neither overworking nor under working"
Tim Keller, Gospel in Life