the gospel is the answer

"Plenty of Christians believe, or at least live as if, we become Christians through the gospel, but we grow as Christians by keeping some kind of law. Law says, ‘You should not get drunk.’ Now it’s true that people should not get drunk. But if that’s all you say then you’re not bringing people good news. You’re bringing condemnation to those who cannot control themselves or inducing pride in those who can – neither of which leads to a life that pleases God.
In contrast the gospel says, ‘You need not get drunk because God offers more than drink.’ We can say, ‘I have good news for you. You don’t need to turn to drink to dull the pain because God is a better comforter.’ Or we can say, ‘You don’t need to turn to drink to escape responsibility because God is a better refuge.’ These truths lead to a life of sobriety and reliance on God and praise to his name."

Tim Chester, Has a squirrel got my car keys? on being gospel-centred. read the full thing here