desperation and prayer

"Prayerlessness is the inevitable result of pride or a lack of faith, usually both. You fail to pray, instinctively, because you are too proud to realize you need God or too unbelieving to grasp God’s willingness to help.
Most approaches to correct prayerlessness are “law based.” When you hear a sermon that says,“You only pray 6 min a week; ergo you stink,” you resolve to go pray more. But how long does that last?  A few days, at most. Sometimes not even to the parking lot.
The answer is not to get more disciplined or to develop a new system or a prayer notebook. Prayer is the natural result of desperation and faith. When the Gospel has cultivated humility and faith in us, we will obey that verse in 1 Thessalonians, “Pray continuously,” instinctively."

JD Greear, Why we don't pray part 1 (read the full thing here)