Most people say they’re not religious, but everybody lives in some sort of a system. Everybody has a way of doing things which we think will make our lives better and solve the various problems that we have.

So, maybe I think my problems come from a lack of respect and if I get the right job and work hard to be successful, then I'll be respected. Or maybe my problem is that I haven't got a partner (or the right partner) so I need to work out, dress better, learn how to talk smoothly to women and that will solve my problems. These systems are "religions" - beliefs about how the world works and what actions will help. Whether we line up with one of the major world faiths or not, we are all religious.

Most people mistake Christianity for just another system. Believe in God, pray, be nice to people, give to charity and that will solve your problems. Attend church and things will work out better for you. That describes a system that may look a bit like Christianity, but couldn't be more different. All these religions and systems are about who you are and what you've done. Biblical Christianity is about who God is and what He has done. Christianity is not a religion. It is not "do this and this will happen". It is about a person, Jesus, and what He has done on your behalf.