"Gossip is idolatrous activity. Romans 1:29 lists gossip and slander among the qualities of idolaters, people who worship something other than their Creator. They find certain things more important than God. What do you hold so dear, so important, that you are willing to gossip?...

The Meddler worships the power that comes from being needed. They want to be the hero more than they want Jesus to be the hero for others. Instead of being the hero, they need to repent and point others to the only true hero who restores and reconciles relationships.
The Leaker worships the power that comes from having entrusted information from and about others. They want to be righteous and accepted by their own works through their wielding of information, but are, in fact, utterly unrighteous to the point of selling out others for their own sense of worth. The Leaker needs to repent and accept Christ’s righteousness.
The Complainer worships the attention that comes from always being the victim. They need to release their identity of victim and understand that Jesus is the only true victim who alone bore the burden of others’ sins. They need to repent and confess that, at the cross, Jesus assumes the identity of both victim and hero, enabling their identity to be found in Him."

Taken from the conclusion of an excellent series of posts on gossip by Jonathan Dodson (read the full thing here)