The sky speaks. Are you listening?

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims his handiwork

Everything we see tells us something about God. 

Creation talks to us about the Creator. When we look up, we see the sky (which appears to go on forever) or space (which does go on forever) and we should be reminded that God is bigger. God made everything we see, He is powerful. We can't go anywhere to escape being under the sky or heavens, God is everywhere. We are never cut off from his presence, there is nowehere that is outside his sphere of control.

Are we listening to the voce of creation? 

It points towards a Creator. Someone bigger, someone better, someone behind everything, someone in control of anything. That should humble us (looking at the sky or thinking about space reminds us of how small we are) but at the same time make us more secure (knowing that nothing is out of control to God). Creation also tells us that God is good, He is worthy of praise, He is glorious - we are amazed when we consider creation, which is just a shadow of the Creator!

"He who looks up to the firmament and then writes himself down an atheist, brands himself at the same moment as an idiot or a liar"

"When we behold the heavens, we cannot but be elevated, by the contemplation of them, to Him who is their great Creator... As soon as we acknowledge God to be the supreme Architect, who has erected the beauteous fabric of the universe, our minds must necessarily be ravished with wonder at his infinite goodness, wisdom, and power."