teacher or god

It's a common view to see Jesus as a good teacher but not God. As CS Lewis famously said, Jesus didn't leave that option open to us. If you're unsure about Jesus' claims to be God, look here, but as Christians reading this blog we are probably happy with that claim. The question is, while we may be happy to say that Jesus is God, do we actually live like that is true, or do we live as though he is only a good teacher? 

If he is a teacher then I am the one who evaluates his teaching. If he is God I listen and obey. If he is a teacher I approach him confidently and question what he is saying. If he is God I  kneel and worship. If he is a teacher I ignore the bits of his teaching that I don't like. If he is God I am convicted of my sin when he says something I don't agree with! I believe Jesus is God. Am I living like that is true?