you can't see your blind spots

Psalm 19:12
Who can discern his errors? Declare me innocent from hidden faults

We're blind to our blind spots

We tend to easily notice the errors of those around us while remaining ignorant of our own. By definition, we can't see our blind spots. That is why we need God's word to warn us, why we need the Holy Spirit to convict us and why we need to be in community with others who will lovingly challenge us when necessary.

What should we do when they become visible? 

When we've had our blind spots drawn to our attention, we should not try to declare ourselves innocent. We try to justify ourselves by making excuses, ignoring sin, or comparing ourselves with other people to make ourselves look better. Instead, we should run to God, who has declared us innocent, not because sin doesn't matter, but based on Jesus' work on the cross!