kill thanksgiving

Jared Wilson wrote a great piece on thanksgiving from the opposite point of view - how NOT to be thankful:
 "How would you design your system in order to crush any impulse of thanksgiving in your heart?
1. Freak out about everything.
Let your unreasonableness be known to everyone. Be unreasonable about everything. Turn everything into drama, everything into a crisis.

2. Practice practical atheism.
The Lord is at hand, which is certainly something to be thankful for. Our God isn't just transcendent, but immanent. He wants to be known. You could therefore intellectually acknowledge God is there, but act like he's not. Assume he has no interest in you or your life. If you pretend like God’s not there, you don’t have to thank him for anything. "

Jared Wilson, 7 ways to kill the thanksgiving impulse in your life (read the full post here)