"I need to beware my instinct to look for some fundamental difference between me and the people who are out on the streets.  I would love nothing more than to be able to say 'I am not like them', and of course there are significant differences - but if there are any ultimate differences they are based on Christ and not my own natural character.  Suppose the looting and rioting to be driven by the basest motives - anger, greed, envy: are those things absent from my heart?...

 Might it not be the case that creating a society with a massive sense of entitlement, and then creating a situation in which certain groups of people have very little, would inevitably lead to conflict?  We need to address not just the deprivation, but also the expectation that the world revolves around you and you have a right to do and have whatever you want."

Daniel Blanche, Reflections on the riots. (read the full thing here)