abiding in what?

"How many believe that they are abiding in Jesus when in fact they are abiding in religion? They abide in their denominations, church traditions, confessions, and creeds. They abide in the teachings and liturgies and sacraments of their religious fathers. These have their place, but only to frame the vine in which we abide. Abiding in religion can easily become a substitute for abiding in Christ. The Pharisees abided in religion. The medieval Catholic church abided in religion. the Reformed church can so easily abide in Calvin. The Brethren church abided in separation from the world. The heavy shepherding of the charismatic movement abided under control. The liberal church has made a virtue of abiding in the world. the Pietistic tradition made a virtue of abiding in their devotions. The place of abiding is Jesus Christ"

Simon Ponsonby, The Pursuit of the Holy