humble and confident

"The astonishment in gospel wakefulness, in fact, leads me to more keenly feel both that I am “chief of sinners” and a “new creation.” To be in constant awe of the gospel is to be in constant despair of my sin but constant delight of my loving Savior. This simultaneous recognition keeps me neither downcast by my sin nor arrogant of my salvation, but rather bewildered over the manner of love the Father has given me. I am simultaneously humbled and made confident. I am increasingly amazed the more I simultaneously behold my sin and God’s forgiveness for it and covering of it and forgetfulness about it...
The gospel of grace knocks out any sense of my own superiority; it tattoos on my brain that not only did I not earn my salvation, there’s no way I ever could. But the gospel of grace lifts my spirits, establishing my sense of self on a foundation surer than anything I could erect by myself. The reality of grace confirms my faithlessness but affirms God’s faithfulness, and thereby crafts in me simultaneously gospel humility and gospel confidence."

Jared Wilson, Gospel Wakefulness