true happiness part 5: shocking attitudes

What is happiness? Jesus turns the world's idea of happiness upside down in the beatitudes (read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). They also turn the religious establishment's idea of happiness upside down!
True happiness is found in:

  • having no confidence in your own performance NOT self-esteem or self-righteous "achievements"
  • being grieved over sin and repenting NOT ignoring and justifying our sin
  • putting others first NOT looking after number one
  • recognising our total dependance on God NOT self-sufficiency or God as a co-pilot
  • showing mercy NOT demanding justice
  • examining internal attitudes NOT perfecting external behaviour
  • seeking peace NOT seeking comfort
  • enduring difficulties because of an eternal hope NOT relying on present circumstances
Jesus says it isn't the self-sufficient, it isn't the self-righteous, it isn't the proud, it isn't the strong, it isn't the capable, it isn't the courageous, it isn't the confident, it isn't the satisfied, it isn't the angry, the powerful, the rebellious...who are going to come into the kingdom, it is rather the broken, the mourning, the meek, the hungry, the thirsty, the merciful, the pure, the peacemakers and the persecuted and the reviled and the slandered who make up His kingdom. They're the real kingdom citizens. Well, this is an absolutely shocking message. John Macarthur