money is a rubbish god

Money makes a rubbish God. Acquiring "stuff" is not worth devoting your life to. Why? Jesus gives a few reasons in Matthew 6:
  • It doesn't last. You'll want an upgrade to your new phone this time next year. Your car is losing value as you read this. Your house will need money spending on it to stop it falling apart (v19)
  • It can be taken from you in an instant. (v19 and see Luke 12:16-21)
  • It messes everything up. (v22-23) If your focus (eye) is fixed on created things rather than the Creator, then  everything else gets messed up (darkness fills the house). Relationships, work, families, every aspect of your life will be negatively affected because your primary concern is getting more stuff.
  • It will enslave you. Money wont be serving you, you'll be it's slave, sacrificing your time and effort for more of it, despite the fact that it never fulfills it's promise to satisfy (v24)
On the other hand, a disciple of Jesus finds life that is everlasting, that can not be taken away, that brings every aspect of life into it's proper place and a master that fulfills all his promises