From Ephesians 2...

Once we were:
  • dead in trespasses and sins v1 & v5
  • following the course of the world v2
  • following the prince of the power of the air v2
  • living among the sons of disobediance v3
  • living in the passions of our flesh v3
  • carrying out the desires of the body and the mind v3
  • children of wrath v3
  • sepaprated from Jesus v12
  • alienated from God's people v12
  • strangers to God's promises v12
  • no hope v12
  • without God v12
  • far off v13
  • strangers v19
  • aliens v19

now we are:
  • in christ
  • loved v4
  • made alive v5
  • saved by grace v5 & v8
  • raised up with Jesus v6
  • seated in the heavenly places with Jesus v6
  • shown kindness v7
  • not judged on our works v9
  • brought near v13
  • no longer hostile to God and others v14&16
  • at peace v14-15
  • reconciled to God v16
  • reconciled to each other
  • have access to the Father v18
  • citizens v19
  • members of the household of God v19
  • being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit v22