who do you fear?

"To fear people does not mean that we are afraid of them in the way that we now use that term; we're not necessarily afraid that they might hit us or shout at us. Rather, fearing people means that they dominate our vision - they are disproportionately large in our thoughts and estimation. As a result, their opinion matters to us more than it should. Fearing people shapes our actions, and so we fail to live wisely and well.

If we "fear the Lord", our words will be to build up, encourage and help others to grow more like Jesus. If we "fear the Lord" we will resist temptation because his glory and delight will be the most significant thing to us, rather than a moment of passing pleasure. If we "fear the Lord" we will use our resources to bless others, knowing that they are made in the image of God and that he is a just God. In every way, not least leadership, the wisdom of fearing the Lord results in living well."

Steve Timmis, Gospel Centered Leadership