responses to Jesus

After Jesus heals the man born blind in John 9, we see a wide range of responses:

  • curiosity - the people want to investigate it further. If you’re curious - investigate Jesus further. If Christianity is true it’s the most important thing, so it’s worth looking into.

  • criticism - The religious leaders don't believe because the miracle happened on the sabbath, they claimed Jesus was a sinner, and they didn't know where he had come from. It didn’t fit their system and their rules. Don’t dismiss Jesus because he doesn’t fit your preconceived system. Also, you might have experienced this sort of thing and thought it was Christianity. Don’t confuse religion for Jesus.

  • cowardice - the man's parents didn't want to get involved because they were scared of the reaction. We so often fear what other people are going to say or think. Why does it get awkward when the name of Jesus is brought up?

  • attack - After the second round of questioning, the religious leaders start attacking the formerly blind man. Verbal attacks on Christianity are all around us (because it doesn’t fit society’s system). Investigate Jesus, not what other people are saying about him.

  • Faith - The man becomes a Christian. What does he have to do? Jesus doesn't give him a list of conditions which he needs to start living by, Jesus invites the man to believe in Him.

  • Pride - The chapter ends with the religious leaders setting themselves up against God, setting themselves up for judgement, due to their pride. Christianity involves an honest assessment of yourself and your failures, it involves admitting you were wrong. Don’t let pride stop you.