dodgy shepherds

In Ezekiel 34:1-16, God has some harsh words to say to the leaders of Israel. The leaders (shepherds) of the people were supposed to seek the good of the people (sheep). The sheep should flourish under the care of the shepherd. Instead, the shepherds:
  • fed themselves instead of the sheep v2
  • take from the sheep for their own benefit v3
  • Didn't care for the sick, injured and weak v4
  • Didn't look for the lost v4
  • Ruled them with harshness and force v4
Therefore the sheep were scattered and vulnerable. And God was against the shepherds. It should be a terrifying thing to hear that God declares himself to be actively against the leaders of his people. Because of this situation, God is going to step in. He is going to :
  • rescue the sheep v10&12
  • search for the sheep who have been scattered v11-12
  • feed them v14
  • take them to good pasture v14
  • bring back the strayed v16
  • bind up the injured v16
  • strenghten the weak v16
  • destroy those who became fat from the sheep v16

God is going to step in. He is going to be the shepherd. The good shepherd.