full time christian leadership

"I tell those in leadership in the church that I am a part of that I want them to work at least as hard as members of the congregation. that means at least a 40 hour week. We have teachers, shop workers, doctors, drivers and businessmen who come to an early morning prayer meeting, and who lead home bible studies and serve at church on Sundays, while managing the daily grind of family and working life. We should not expect in full-time ministry to work any less hard.

For Christian leadership you have to be a bit of a self-starter. Because much of the daily grind of preparation and pastoral work is invisible to most people, you can get away with doing very little. We need people who can get themselves out of bed without having to clock in and work a set time. It is the drive to work hard that demonstrates your credibility, integrity and commitment in Christian leadership."
Steve Timmis, Gospel Centred Leadership