Judges 19

"Judges 19 drives the guilt of sin home and places it in every heart. Judges 19 is honest; it is not putting a gloss on what men are capable of, which we can clearly see on the evening news. And while we should be disgusted by the imagery, we should also commend the Bible’s brutal honesty. But there is a gospel spring beneath this text too. When there is no king in Israel, men betray their women. A woman is unprotected and given over to enemies to have their way with her, and then she is made an example of in a murderous way to the twelve tribes. But when Jesus is King over Israel, he protects his bride; he won’t give her over to the enemy to have his way with her. And Jesus leaves the house himself and offers his own body, going in his bride’s stead to be torn apart for the twelve tribes of Israel. Instead of giving us up in some evil bargain, he gives himself up. And his battered body is the sign to his people that he won’t sell them out."

Jared Wilson, Gospel Deeps