sandwiches and the gospel

I’ve found the Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration framework very helpful for thinking through what the gospel has to say about all sorts of things. In other news, sandwiches are my favourite food, so what has the gospel got to say about that?

  • Sandwiches are delicious
  • They are the gift of a generous, creative God who didn’t just give us food pellets to keep us going, but a wide variety of food to enjoy (especially by shoving it inside bread!)

There are a number of ways that sin affects our relationship with sandwiches:
  • Treating them as fuel and not enjoying them
  • Grabbing them selfishly at the expense of others
  • Not eating them, while complaining that you’ll get hungry again
  • Seeing them as the answer to all your problems
  • Becoming proud about your own sandwich making skills

Jesus fed five thousand but, more than that, He is the bread of life, He is the one that truly satisfies. That sets us free to truly enjoy a sandwich:
  • Eating it as an act of worship as we delight in the creator not just the creation
  • Sharing our sandwiches as we no longer selfishly feed ourselves at the expense of others
  • Not expecting sandwiches to meet our every need and overeating to make ourselves feel better
  • Delighting in a creator who created the variety of sandwiches

  • I can’t wait to taste the sandwiches on the new earth!
  • Even if the flavour is exactly the same, we’ll enjoy them a lot more because of the reasons above.
  • We will no longer approach a sandwich sinfully, but glorify God by enjoying them forever in His presence