either way, I'm good

"The secret Paul learned both intellectually and experientially, and the secret he is now passing on to the Philippians and to us—to you—is this: true contentment is not in any way related to circumstances. True contentment is tuned to the deeper reality of the gospel and God’s kingdom. If the Lord brings wealth, praise the Lord. I’m going to use that wealth to push the kingdom forward, to glorify Christ, to serve Him completely. Openhanded, I will say, “All is yours.” If it’s poverty, if it’s nothing, praise the Lord. Openhanded, I will trust Him to provide everything I need to be all that He’s asked me to be. Either way, I’m all good. It does not matter what befalls me, good or bad. It doesn’t matter if everyone loves me or everyone hates me. It does not matter if I’m healthy or sick. It does not matter if everything works like I want it to or if nothing does. I have learned to be content in everything. I learned it from God’s Word, and I have learned it from God’s providence."

Matt Chandler, To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain