the great picture

"The climax of the creation account is the ecstatic delight of Adam as he meets his bride. Thus, the creation account ends with a highlighter pen and double underlining to point us to the marital intent in everything: a man shall leave parents and be united to his wife, so that they, though two, shall be united as one. The Bible’s great picture. God’s great goal. God wants the Bible reader to see, more than anything else, the great picture of marriage. This is not a result of the Fall into sin, or a pragmatic approach to societal structuring, or a contracted agreement for mutual stability and benefits. Marriage is the great picture of God’s intent to unite the diverse into the delight of true unity. And what is hinted at here in Genesis 1-2 will blow our hearts and minds by the time we reach Revelation and the marriage described there at the climax of history."

Peter Mead, Pleased to Dwell