responding to hate

Hate is going to happen, but we can have peace. How should we respond when we encounter hate? We can respond in peace rather than panic or pride

  • We can have peace because Jesus said it was going to happen
  • We can have peace because it is temporary - there will be no hate in the new heaven/earth. Complete joy is Jesus’ plan for us
  • We can have peace because of the Holy Spirit - He is with us, we are not isolated. He is the spirit of truth, revealing the truth of Jesus to us and helping us see his glory through his word, giving us solid foundations rather than the shaky basis of human approval
  • We can have peace because the Holy Spirit can turn haters into friends.

    And we can have peace because he has overcome the world. But how did he overcome the world? By sacrificial love… for the haters - us. We were haters of God who have been shown mercy and grace and are now called friends of God. Haters are going to hate, Jesus is going to love, and so can we. 

    Jesus responded to hate in peace and with love. He has responded to our hatred of him with peace and love. That love has brought us back into the family, we are in Christ, we have the Holy Spirit in us, enabling us to respond to hate in peace and with love.