where is the God of Elijah? Still here

2 Kings 2 tells the story of Elijah being taken up into heaven. Elijah's life and work as a prophet has been extraordinary, God has done amazing things through him. As Elisha returns from the scene of Elijah's departure, he cries out, "where is the God of Elijah?"

It's a big question. Elijah is a big loss to God's people. What are they going to do now.

Then he took the cloak of Elijah that had fallen from him and struck the water, saying, “Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?” And when he had struck the water, the water was parted to the one side and to the other, and Elisha went over.
(2 Kings 2:14 ESV)

Exactly the same miracle occurs as in verse 8 when Elijah had struck the water with his cloak. The answer to Elisha's question is clear. Where is the God of Elijah? He is still here. Elijah has gone. God hasn't gone anywhere.

God is not confined to a particular time or place or ministry of a particular person.
Paul Mallard