Confronting Fear

What is your deepest fear? Is there something you don’t even want to acknowledge is there in the back of your mind because it’s too terrifying.

In Luke chapter 8 we see 4 terrifying situations. A storm so bad that experienced fisherman thought they were about to die in the ‘raging waters’. A demon possessed, naked man who has broken his chains and escaped his guards, now roaming among the tombs. A woman with a chronic health condition that every attempt to heal has failed. The death of an only child.

These are very different situations, but, when we stop and think about them, they are all situations full of fear. The thoughts of long term health problems or something happening to our children fill us with dread as much as the fear of the natural or supernatural world.

In the midst of the chaos, Jesus is calm. Click to Tweet this 

Everything in these situations is out of control, except it’s not out of His control. He simply speaks and the storm stops, the crazy man is sitting in his right mind at Jesus feet and the dead girl gets up. He doesn’t even speak and the bleeding woman is healed. Our familiarity with these stories often blinds us to the enormity of these events. Confronted with a variety of the most terrifying things we can think of, Jesus barely breaks a sweat in solving them.

Whatever it is that causes you to fear - Jesus is more powerful.

Your situation might be chaotic, but Jesus is calm. You’re not too far gone. It’s not too late. It is not out of His control.

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