repent of religion

  • Religion believes it must IMPRESS God… God accepts us because there is something about us that makes us better than others.
  • Religion tries to USE God as a means to an end… money, admiration, a better life, a more secure life, a way to make sure you go to heaven in the afterlife.

Religion built on these two premises (which are ALL religions but the simple Gospel of Jesus) produce a certain poisonous fruit in your life… people who are religious are often fervent (busy people), but they are plagued with a perpetual feelings of insecurity (nagging questions of, "Have I done enough? Am I good enough?") This leads to constant comparison with others… trying to show yourself superior to them… and this leads to oscillating cycles of pride and despair: you proudly look down on others when you think you’re better than them, and despair when you think you’ve failed in comparison; Religion makes you judgmental, and condescending, and hateful toward others.

The Gospel contradicts religion on both accounts. Rather than an attempt to use God, the Gospel teaches that God is Himself the "reward.""

JD Greear (read more here)