your call

"Your call is to be a worship leader… but not necessarily with a guitar in your hand… your call is to befriend that funny little lady at the end of your street… your call is to feed the hungry and spend yourself on behalf of the poor… and to offer hospitality to strangers … and it’s to fast… and it’s to pray so long and hard that you run out of words and tears…. Your call is to preach the good news of Jesus to every person who will listen and a few who won’t. Your call is to go somewhere, anywhere, wherever, whenever, for Jesus and never stop. Your call is to love people no one else loves and to forgive them when they treat you like dirt – or worse.

Do your job to the very best of your ability without grumbling about your boss or whining about your colleagues. Your call is to pray for the sick, and when they are healed, to dance all night. And when they aren’t, to weep with them and love them even more… Your call is to honour your parents, pray for your leaders, study the scriptures and attend plenty of parties. Be a peacemaker in every situation: when the fight breaks out on the bus home late at night and when the gossip starts to circulate at church. Your call is to pick up litter in the street when no one else is looking, to wipe the toilet seat, to pull the gum off from under the desk. It’s to get to meetings early to put out the chairs…

Your call is to make disciples and to teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded…."