the golden rule

Matthew 7:12
So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the prophets.
Everybody, Christian or not, seems to love this verse - the golden rule. Everybody thinks that if we all just did this then the world would be a better place. That is true but the problem is that we all think that we are following it and the problem lies with other people. Too often we have twisted the golden rule into a selfish version that's more about what others should be doing than me - "other people should treat me the way that I (think I) treat others". Jesus gives this command to you to think about your own behaviour, not to be the golden rule police for others.

Or maybe we try to follow a negative version of the rule - "don't treat others in a way that you wouldn't like to be treated" - so don't steal, murder etc because you wouldn't like that doing to you. Jesus wants more - you are to treat others the way that you wish you treated - this is positive and requires initiative and positive action rather than just the absence of negative action - you like to be loved so love others, you like to be appreciated so appreciate others, you like others to be generous to you so be generous to them.

Don't look straight to the golden speck in your brother's eye but examine the golden log in your own.