The key principles of the gospel, community and mission are not isolated elements but intertwined principles that can not be separated without some distortion of the others:

GOSPEL + COMMUNITY - MISSION = an inward focused, stagnating church looking to meet it’s own felt needs. Do we really believe the gospel if we are not spreading it?

GOSPEL + MISSION - COMMUNITY = evangelism that makes converts rather than disciples. Do we really believe the gospel if we don’t care for people beyond getting them to make a “decision” at an evangelistic event?

MISSION + COMMUNITY - GOSPEL = gathering people and deepening relationships around what? If the community is centered around itself it is doomed to failure. Do we really believe the gospel if we never mention it?

The gospel is the heart of everything in the christian life. Community is the context where the gospel is lived out. Mission is the natural response to the love that we’ve been shown and the message we have heard. Community needs the gospel to produce real love and unity. Mission needs the gospel to address ultimate, rather than superficial needs - it is the healthy outworking of a gospel centered community.