hypocrites series

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not better than nothing Matthew 24:45-51

twisted logic Luke 13:14-17

wisdom Luke 12:54-56

I would never be so stupid Matthew 23:29-31

how do I look? Matthew 23:27-28

heart transplant Matthew 23:25-26

attention to the wrong details Matthew 23:23-24

what will people learn from you? Matthew 23:15

shutting the door in people's faces Matthew 23:13

war of words Matthew 22:15-19

lips vs heart Matthew 15:3-9

double standards Matthew 7:3-5 & Luke 6:41-46

making a sacrifice? Matthew 6:16-18

do you pray like a hypocrite? Matthew 6:5-6

how to be a hypocritical giver Matthew 6:2-4