Genesis Fifteen

Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.Genesis 15:1
God continues to give amazing promises to Abram - He is his joy and security. Abram responds by failing to get his eyes of the immediate problem - the lack of a child. God responds graciously by getting Abram to look up, reminding Him of His promise and His power. Abram believes God, and it is credited to him as righteousness. He wasn't made righteous because of his actions, but because he trusted what God said.

I am not made righteous by my actions, but by trusting what God has said. 
And what God has said is that I will find lasting joy and security in Him. It becomes obvious whether I m trusting him or not based on whether I'm looking for those things in places other than Him

When I feel anxious, what do I think will put that at rest? Do I run to God and His promises in prayer or do I run to myself in planning?

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