Genesis Forty Nine

You are a lion’s cub, Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness – who dares to rouse him? The sceptre will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he to whom it belongs shall come and the obedience of the nations shall be his.Genesis 49:9-10

Jacob/Israel pronounces some strange blessings on his sons, comparing them to donkeys and vipers amongst other things! In the middle of these slightly bizarre blessings is the blessing to Judah, dense with kingly images.

These promises are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. Judah doesn't end up being a king. But Jesus, the Lion of Judah, is the one who holds the kings sceptre forever and commands the obedience of all nations.

God's promises to me are also ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. His promise to never leave me happens because I am united to Jesus. His promise to purify me happens because Jesus takes my sin and gives me his righteousness. His promise of a hope for a perfect future happens because the future is ruled over by the perfect king - Jesus.

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